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Top swimming pool builders company in South Africa specializing in gunite and concrete swimming pool building, swimming pool renovation, swimming pool water features and landscaping providing a fresh and easy approach to building a gunite or concrete pool in your backyard. Managed by a vibrant team, delivering the most reliable, durable and custom designed creative pools. For us, it’s all about capturing our customer’s vision and bringing it to life in the form of a pool that has every feature and quality you have imagined for your ideal pool. Our dynamic team of designers and builders approach each project individually, catering for each client’s situation, block of land and needs.

As top swimming pool builders South Africa, we are passionate about delivering high quality gunite swimming pools and providing personal, prompt and professional service to all of our clients across South Africa. Expect prompt, professional, efficient and personal service from our team from the moment you first connect with us. Our reputation amongst our clients and industry peers has always been second to none. The majority of our work is obtained through repeat customers and recommendations. We work closely with a number of quality home builders, architects, landscape designers and landscape gardeners in the provision of swimming pools.

Commitment to high quality outcomes and customer service

We are Gauteng based custom swimming pool builders in South Africa focusing on the quality of our gunite pools and commitment to a high level of customer service. We also have a sister company focusing on sports courts construction and resurfacing including tennis courts, Netball courts, Basketball courts and athletic tracks


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Gunite Pools

Gunite is a form of concrete, a mixture of sand and cement that’s sprayed onto a framework of rebar to build the shell of the pool. A finish, like plaster, tile, or glue and stones is then spread over it to make the shell waterproof. Gunite is used to construct spas and swimming pools, zoo habitats and to repair concrete. Gunite’s many advantages make it a popular choice, but it also has a few disadvantages to consider.

What’s Great about Gunite
Gunite is durable. It’s impact resistant and if damage does occur repairs are made onsite

When it comes to shape and size, gunite is the most versatile material for building a swimming pool. Literally any depth, shape and size can be accommodated because the pool is built on site, not made from a pre-made shell and shipped from a factory, so you can be the only person in the world with your specific pool.

A variety of finishes are available with gunite, including concrete paint, pebble, aggregate, fiberglass or tile.

A gunite pool may add more equity to your home than other types of pools. Because gunite is the most popular pool material, it is the most highly valued by home buyers

Custom gunite pools. Gunite swimming pools are highly durable and can be created in just about any shape. They don’t require wooden frameworks to hold the shape of the pool basin. Custom Gunite pools have become very popular lately, and it’s easy to see why. Here are the advantages of Gunite pools.

As you can see custom Gunite pools offer lots of options, impressive durability, and a high-end look that can transform your backyard into a luxurious haven.